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Unable to activate integration in Magento 2.0

Unable to activate integration in Magento 2.0

I have created an integration in Magento 2.0 from the Magento Admin (System > Extensions > Integrations). Filled required  fields like Name, Callback URL, Identity. But I am unable to activate it. Also when I click on activate it redirects to login page but does not come back to Integration page.
It gives warning as "Integration 'integration_name' has been sent for activation."
Can anybody let me know how much time it takes to activate the integration?


Re: Unable to activate integration in Magento 2.0

Hi @prajakta_kalyankar


I think you have missed out something to insert into that integration form value page.


You need to enter Name and Email - then in callback URL just pass / (slash) then keep identity url blank.


Then from API select whatever the action you would like to apply - then click on save and try to activate it !


It will generate all 4 keys - consumer key , consumer secret , Access token and access token secret .


Refer this link for the same -


Hope it helps !

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