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Unable to get access_token for Magento2.0

Unable to get access_token for Magento2.0

I am doing OAuth1 authentication for Magento2.0. I am referring this doc:

I am trying to do this using Postman. I have followed steps mentioned in : Magento 2: Where does the oAuth verifier token come from

I am able to get the oauth_verifier. But when I try to get the access token I face some issues. I tried POST /oauth/token/access by 2 ways:

1. Using online curl tool: I got "oauth_problem=OAuth+version+%5C%221.0%5C+is+not+supported" error.

2. Using Postman: I got "oauth_problem=Token+verifier+and+verifier+token+do+not+match" error.

I searched for these errors but could not get much information.

Any help on this would be appreciated.