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Unable to send cookieName = store

Unable to send cookieName = store

We have developed magento 2.2.2 in local environment and moved it live, but it's not working on live. just throwing error like "Exception #0 (Magento\Framework\Stdlib\Cookie\FailureToSendException): Unable to send the cookie with cookieName = store", any one can help me to resolve this issue. 


Re: Unable to send cookieName = store

Hi @suresh_k,


I didn't found anything related with the error but maybe the problem is with some javascript code trying to set the cookie name?

For example, Google Analytics module will render a javascript section and you'll see something like:


  "*": {
  "Magento_GoogleAnalytics/js/google-analytics": {
  "isCookieRestrictionModeEnabled": 0,
  "currentWebsite": 1,
  "cookieName": "user_allowed_save_cookie",
  "ordersTrackingData": [],


Maybe you can start looking which modules are trying to set a cookie on your store?

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