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Using M2 REST API to connect with NodeJs

Using M2 REST API to connect with NodeJs

Hey folks,


I'm new to the Magento world and I'm trying to build a NodeJs app the runs alongside our Magento2.3.4 website.  We were previously using Zoey and I had the integration working no problem there, but I'm having trouble authenticating.  I've tried using many npm packages but I get the same error: "The consumer isn't authorized to access Magento_Customer::customer."  It should be noted that I am able to get the product data because I set the Allow Anonymous Guest Access in Web API Security to yes.  I am really trying to get orders, customers etc.


I have set up a user with admin role and access to all api endpoints.  I've created an integration and used the consumer key/secret token/secret as the credentials as well as trying the username and pw of the user I created for it.  I can share code if there is anyone that has done this.  I have a few different scripts that are trying to do the same thing with different packages, so I'm not sure which to show here.  

I've tried these packages:

-oauth1.0a and encrypting/adding to headers without a pkg

-magento-api-rest which is 'axios-like'



-magento-api-rest this is the most recently updated but doesn't support all endpoints


Any help with this would be greatly appreciated.





Re: Using M2 REST API to connect with NodeJs

Do you get any idea about this issue? Please guide me also.  

Software Developer

Re: Using M2 REST API to connect with NodeJs

Hello @dandanjome3465  and @VIVEK KT  


a module is available to make the connection between Magento 2 rest API and node js applications