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VAT for france don't work!

VAT for france don't work!


I have a big problem about the calculation of VAT for france. I creatd two views for France and Switzerland.

For Switzerland, no problem, the Vat is good. but For the view France, impossible to get the good rates.

my website is : You can see the problem with any products!!

However all is well configured; i am blocked for two days, impossible to resolve the problem.

i created the rates such as :


i created the good rule too :



For each view, I have chosen in stores > configuration > general > default country.

In stores > configuration > sales > tax > calculation defaut, i have chosen the good country for each view too.

i am found, what do? If someone could help me.


Best regards


Re: VAT for france don't work!

Hi @strauss69400,

Could you please share a screenshot of your configuration for the following section?

Stores -> Configuration -> Sales -> Tax


I think that there could be a setting pending to be configured in that section.

Best regards.


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Re: VAT for france don't work!

thanks for your help!!this is the screenshot :



this parameters are configured for general configuration.

For the view europe, i changed the default country with France.

but it don't work.It's very stronge