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Watermark not showing on images

Watermark not showing on images

I cant get watermark to show on product images.


  1. Went to Content > Design > Configuration
  2. Clicked "edit" under the third result (only result that has a store view and store).
  3. Under product images, i uploaded the magento watermark image example from this post to each of the watermark sections.
  4. Just like in the post, I set image opacity to 10, image size to 40x50, image postion to tile, and saved configuration. 
  5. Then tap the Cache Management link in the system message. Then, refresh the invalid cache.


There is no watermark on any of my product images.


  1. So i created a fresh new product
  2. uploaded product images.
  3. Then checked that one since there should be no existing cache for this image.
  4. Same problem, watermarks.

2.3.0 Docs state


Complete the Base, Thumbnail, Small, and Swatch Image image settings as follows. The fields in each section are the same.
a. Enter the Image Opacity as a percentage. For example: 40
b. Enter the Image Size, in pixels. For example: 200 x 200
c. Tap Upload, and choose the image file that you want to use.
d. Set Image Position to determine where the watermark appears.

5. When complete, tap Save Config .
6. When prompted to refresh the cache, tap the Cache Management link in the system message. Then, refresh the invalid cache.



2.3.0 Installation

No third party modules

The only customization is fixing bug as outlined here and in many other threads.


No errors in browser console, or magento logs.


What is the problem in magento?


Re: Watermark not showing on images

Having the same issue did you ever fix this?

Re: Watermark not showing on images



I am facing same issue.

After applying water mark product images disappears.

I have applied patch from following link but it dint work


Let me know if there is any solution to this issue.