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#Ways to create customer in Magento 2?

#Ways to create customer in Magento 2?

On our Magento 2 website, we have noticed that there are customer accounts with first names and last names consisting of random alphanumeric characters and are registering on almost daily basis.

The common thing about these accounts is that the Last logged In time is set to (Never login).

so far we have disabled/restricted REST API for customer registration. we also have added google Recaptcha to our registration form and we also have checked the admin activity log and non of the admins have created any customer.

But still, these customers keep registering.

Can someone suggest (if) there are any other ways to create a customer?

Thank You.


Re: #Ways to create customer in Magento 2?

Hello @muhammadyacebc 


You can enable the customer mail confirmation feature f the Magento. to  do that go to


store >> configuration >> Customer >> Customer Configuratation 


Under create new account option find Require Emails Confirmation field and set it as yes.


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