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We can’t place the order

We can’t place the order

Hi everyone,


we are running 2.3 community and all of a sudden last week we noticed that some orders were not triggering the Magento confirmation email.


we use Sagepay so the notifications of successful payment was coming through and same for PayPal but the customer was getting a message saying “ we can’t place this order”


we had in fact received the funds but the order wasn’t placed into Magento so the customer was not notified.


this only happens randomly.  For example out of say 15 orders it’s happened on 2.  It can happen and then an order 5 mins later is fine.


any ideas on how to fix or even where to start?


thank you in advance


Re: We can’t place the order

Hi @StoveSparesLtd 


The issue may be belongs to  foreign key check disabled in Database, while importing order data. These data contains inconsistent values in sales_order_item table.

After deleting those inconsistent values and enabling foreign key check, it works perfect.

It may help you!

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