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Website exceptions

Website exceptions


I have at my website the problem when I want to create a new account I mus reload the captcha always twice.


Therefore I tried the following:


php bin/magento deploy:mode:set production

Afther that I will get the following message:



Enabling maintenance mode
Disabling maintenance mode
Command returned non-zero exit code:
` -f /www/ cache:flus

Then I have done the following:


First I rename the following file


/pub/errors$ rename local.xml.sample local.xml

Afther that I have done:


php bin/magento deploy:mode:set developer

Then I rename the file again

/pub/errors$ mv local.xml local.xml.sample

When I open the site again I will get only errors.

Therefore I hope someone can help me there that the site will work again.

kindly regards for any help


Re: Website exceptions

Hello @haiflosse117fc ,

It submitted my account in one try, any other error reference or reproducing steps ?

Problem Solved ? Click on 'Kudos' & Accept as Solution ! Smiley Happy