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What is Research Summary Assignment?

What is Research Summary Assignment?

A research summary is an article that is written to summarize a study from a peer-reviewed journal. This is an important academic assignment and it often tests students' NR 505 Week 5 to interpret scientific literature.

Typically, a research summary should be no more than a few paragraphs long. However, if your professor has specific requirements, you may want to make it longer.


A research summary is a short analysis of a research article written to explain its important aspects to a reader. It is often required in academic writing assignments, but it can also be written for a particular research project or organization.

Typically, it is about 200-350 words long, and follows an introduction-body-conclusion structure. It is a challenging academic assignment that requires prioritization and synthesis of the most relevant findings.

It is usually necessary to skim the original Research Summary Assignment first, understand its definitions and current knowledge, have notes of your own, and check your summary against the article to ensure it includes the right information.

It is essential to include the Discussion section in the research summary, as it describes how the study was conducted and sent into the current knowledge. It explains the findings, discusses strengths and weaknesses of the study, suggests complementary further exploration to be undertaken, and makes suggestions for future research.


Research summaries should cover a variety of methods used to conduct the study. These may include surveys, interviews, questionnaires, observation and archival research.

To make your summary effective, it is important to write about the main methods you used and why they were chosen. It is also necessary to explain how you gathered the data and what protocol you followed for analyzing it.

Usually, the methods section of NR 505 Week 5 Research Summary Assignment research summary should be about one-third the length of the original article. The methods section describes actions taken to investigate a research problem and provides the reader with information about the procedures and techniques used to identify, select, process, and analyze the data.

Most research papers merge the methods and results sections, but if you want to separate them, you can prepare them separately. This will allow you to focus on your conclusions and give you an opportunity to explain how the findings bolster your arguments.


When writing a research summary, it is important to become very familiar with the topic. This means understanding the current state of knowledge, key definitions, concepts, models, etc.

Also, read through the article in detail to get a clear idea of how to summarize its content. Then, you can start drafting the summary.

Results - this is the main part of the research summary that contains all findings from the study (or at least the most significant ones). It could include POLI 330N Week 2 about the participants, the methodology used, and statistical data on them.

Conclusion - this is where the hypotheses are revisited and validated or denied based on how convincing the evidence is. The author can also add a note about any limitations of the study.

It’s important to keep this section bias-free and only mention findings that are related to addressing the research problem. Tangential findings are often overlooked and should be referred to in the discussion section as areas for future exploration.


Conclusions of research papers are a key part of the writing process, because they allow you to make a final impression on your reader and leave them with an impression of the importance of the ideas you have presented. They also offer the chance to explore broader issues, make new connections, and elucidate the significance of your findings.

Conclusion paragraphs should be clear and summarize what has been discussed in the paper without sounding redundant or incomplete. You should also consider adding visuals, charts or diagrams to the summary, if possible.

Discussing results in the context of current knowledge and investigations among experts is a vital aspect of writing this section. The discussion also covers interpretations of results, theoretical models explaining observed values and strengths of the study as well as limitations if any.

Concluding statements based on the coca cola implementation plan or denial of hypotheses made in your paper are important aspects to include, too. Depending on the requirements of your research summary, this may be included as a standalone section or merged with "Discussion".

Conclusions are generally a short statement that restates the main argument(s) you developed in your paper and reiterates most important evidence supporting that argument(s). You should also consider expressing the broader implications of your work, in the form of suggestions for future research, calls to action or an explanation of the consequences of your study.


Re: What is Research Summary Assignment?

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Re: What is Research Summary Assignment?

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