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What type of product should I create?

What type of product should I create?

Hello there!


I have a problem and I can't find the right solution.


I want to make a basket (Product A) with 2 products but it's kind of complicate for me.

The first product would be standard (a wine-PRODUCT B) with fixed price and weight.


BUT... the second product would be a box with chocos (PRODUCT C) and I want to give the customer the choice of weight (250gr./500gr/1 kilo)

According to customer's choice I want to change the final price and weight of the basket.


So the price of A would be always the price of B + the variable price of C.

Also I want the weight to change in the same way, because shipping fees are based on the weight.


I've tried Bundle product but seems wrong because client should pick only one item (the other is not optional).

I've also tried configurable product but either this one seems right...


Any help or suggestions please!!! Smiley Very Happy