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Why does PayPal Exp Checkout take at least 16 steps to complete? Items persist in cart after sale

Why does PayPal Exp Checkout take at least 16 steps to complete? Items persist in cart after sale

working in the sandbox, Magento 2, here is the breakdown of the steps required to purchase one item using Express Checkout (part of this issue resides with Magento 2, possibly with my theme - Porto):

1. select product and product option

2. add to cart, select qty (1)

3. click cart icon

4. click Go to Checkout

5. select payment method (PayPal Express)

6. click PayPal Checkout

7. Nothing happens - no guest checkout, must enter email address

8. PayPal login or account setup

9. select payment method again (for some reason, now multiples of item in cart)

10. update cart to reflect correct number of items desired (1)

11. go to cart to verify correct number of items

12. paypal checkout, again

13. login to paypal, again

14. select pay with PayPal (qty now 2)

15. return to store page, open cart to verify 1 item

16. return to checkout, now only 1 item in cart

17. checkout - order success page, order # (if logged in, no success page or order number given if not logged in)

18. continue shopping, back to store home page, cart icon still shows 1 item in cart

19. Select different product category, add 1 item. Cart icon shows 1 item in cart

20. click on cart icon, shows 1 item

21. go to checkout

22. shows review and payments, proper 1 item

23. checkout

24. amount due is 2X the 1 item shown in the cart

25. return to store page

26. cart icon shows 1 item

27. go to checkout

28. reviewed payments is now correct, shows correct item

29. checkout

30. select PayPal pay now

31. invoice # on success page, cart icon shows 1 item still in cart

32. click on "continue shopping", cart icon briefly shows zero items then reverts back to 1

33. opening cart icon shows previously purchased item still in cart

34. click on cart icon item "x" to clear item, receive "Attention: the quote item isn't found. Verify item and try again". Counter goes to zero


Cannot provide link because I'm working in the sandbox. But these steps have been replicated several times.


Also, cannot purchase as guest in PayPal express, must login with PayPal account. Different than activity in Magento 1.