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cannot see System-> Web Services-

cannot see System-> Web Services-

Hi Guys,

 I am new to Magento ( couple of days), I am running Magento under xampp server using localhost to check out the features for our e-commerce platform in the future with Magento as candidate. Trying to view System-> Web Services- but there is no "Web Services"under the system.. can you please tell me what I am missing, I have installed the sample database. Another thing is I am not able to create any user. so stuck with the default user for now.Thank you


Re: cannot see System-> Web Services-

I'm attempting to utilize the HTTP capacities contained in the System.Web.dll get together. Nonetheless, while the dll appears to exist in a similar registry as each other dll Visual Studio 2010 references in my undertaking, it neglects to interface in and raises an admonition - "The referenced part 'System.Web' couldn't be found". The dll, be that as it may, is unquestionably there inside a similar organizer as all others referenced by the venture and choosing it in 'peruse for reference' mode permits me to include it - it at that point neglects to fill in the 'Way' property. Am I accomplishing something incorrectly? How might I make System.Web accessible in my undertaking?