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country_of_manufacture not working (CSV import)

country_of_manufacture not working (CSV import)

Hi all,


I am trying to import a CSV of products (into a fresh M2.05 installation) with a populated country_of_manfacture field.


The standard M2 import tool spat my CSV back out, complaining that the field contents were incorrect.


I was using "GB" for Great Britain (which works with Magento 1 products).


I tried changing it to "UK", out of curiosity and it had the same problem.


So I manually created an item and assigned it to the drop-down selection of "United Kingdom" as the country of manufacture. I then exported the item to CSV and the field is empty in the CSV.


Is country_of_manufacture functionality completely useless/broken or am I overlooking something silly?


Thank you.


Best Regards.