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customer_grid_flat not updating/indexing properly

customer_grid_flat not updating/indexing properly



I have about 17,000 customers in customer_entity that were imported from another platform.  For the few months we've been on Magento 2, customer_grid_flat has updated properly and I'm able to see all customers in the admin.  However *something* happened and customer_grid_flat is no longer updating.  The table now consists of 92 customers - only those that have explicitly logged in for the last few days.  There were no code changes done, and I've run a database compare from a backup a few days earlier where everything worked.  Nothing stands out other than customers changing their passwords.


I can manually rebuild customer_grid_flat from the backup, but I assume this gets rebuilt on reindex (is that true)?  Are there any other table differences I should be looking at?  Anyone have any ideas?


Thank you,