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export/email and weird permission

export/email and weird permission


I just notice this /var/export/email folder in version 2.2.2 and very odd permission setting for it 

owner had no Read , but had Wright , Execute. and user had "T" as a last bit of permission . 

I assume this is compromised site as of now. but i like to know if this folders are normal folders within magento . 




Re: export/email and weird permission

Here's a guide on what permissions should be set in Magento


This alone is unlikely to indicate the server is compromised. It could just be a misconfiguration. 

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Re: export/email and weird permission

I've noticed this too, so I doubt both our sites are compromised in the same way. I believe it is a bug in Magento 2.2.2 where it creates this directory.

Re: export/email and weird permission

Magento 2.2 and somehow this folder appear twice already (and messed with our releaser :/ ). This happend on test server so it's unlikely this was caused by attack by third party.


d-wxr-sr-T 3 user group 4096 Apr  1 02:00 export