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issue shipping methods, DHL & UPS magento 2.2.1

issue shipping methods, DHL & UPS magento 2.2.1

Since I installed Magento 2.2 I can't make the shipping methods work. (DHL & UPS)

The flat rate, table rate, free shipping, works fine.

In DHL I have (after a lot of procedures) my Access ID, My password, the default gatewayURL for test and production, my with all the files and XML, and my Account number (import and export , I checked with both, but is no way to make it work, I been talking with DHL and they said isn't any connection on their side.

In UPS the same, I fill up all correctly, test with production mode or no, and with different options, and nothing at all.

Any idea?

Captura de pantalla 2017-11-09 a las 15.19.11.png