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language switcher with store switcher

language switcher with store switcher

Hi Experts!
any idea that how can we insert language switcher in magento side by side store switcher.


Re: language switcher with store switcher

Hi @mzia87


Yes - you can add language switcher along with store switcher and it is natively available with magento.


Here i am sharing the link - where in detailed explanation available in that article to create a language switcher functionality in magento 2 -


Hope it helps!

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Re: language switcher with store switcher

@Manthan Dave @Manish Mittal,


Thanks for your reply!


in the articles they are just giving only store change functionality not giving the solution for language change functionality. According to my knowledge in magento 2, the language switcher is changed into store switcher.




Re: language switcher with store switcher

The language change feature (the language switcher on the storefront) is the natural feature of Magento which appears on the storefront as soon as you create the store views and install language packs. So actually this article will get you through the process of multi-language store creation:

Re: language switcher with store switcher

Hello @mzia87,


Yes you can defiantly add the language switcher in your store. Having a multilingual website helps you to reach out to markets that your competitors are yet to reach; hence you have a good chance of setting up your brand image in the markets with different language and currency preferences. You can get more details how switch the store:


If you don’t want to manually install all the language packs and modify all the product descriptions and categories on your own, you could simplify this process with this Magento 2 language switcher. It is a best selling language translator extension from AppJetty and is available for both Magento and Magento 2. With this extension you can translate product details, category details, CMS pages content, product reviews, search strings, etc either one by one or all in one go.