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less not being compiled into css


less not being compiled into css



I have a problem with the less not being compiled into css.


If i choose server side compilation and add a change to the theme.less file in /app/design/frontend/Mgs/molly/web/css/ it should compile to /pub/static/frontend/Mgs/molly/de_DE/css but it doesnt. The only way I can get it to compile the changes is to delete everything in pub/static/ and var_processed now it will pick up the change but this only works once. It will renegerate everything in these folder and then it no longer works.


I have also created a gulpfile that is doing exactly the same thing, it will regenerate the theme.css file once a change is made to theme.less but again the changes are not being copied over.


Any ideas???


Re: less not being compiled into css

I have fixed the gulpfile it was removing comments but the css code is being compiled...but serverside processing doesn't  work