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products are disabled but show enabled

products are disabled but show enabled

I have created a new import with firebear improved import and the function "Disable Products not in list" was on but I had not selected a supplier at "Select Supplier"

when I started the import, all products in my shop were disabled.

Normally you should be able to easily set the status back to Enabled with an import or via the admin.
But that doesn't work because there is something very strange going on.
All products appear to have both Enabled and Disabled status.
If I filter abmin to Disabled in Magento, I get to see all products, but the vast majority of them show the status Enabled in the admin.
if I set filter to Enabled, I also get to see (almost) all products.
changing the status of products in the amin makes no difference. Importing status 1 also makes no difference.

In the meantime, external systems that communicate with magento via the rest API will get the status Disabled back and therefore no orders can be entered and all products on external systems will be disabled because Magento reports that they are Disabled.
All sales will therefore come to a standstill

How can I get all products enabled again?