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"Unable to get content for ...._extend-child.less" - issue after upgrade to 2.4.5

"Unable to get content for ...._extend-child.less" - issue after upgrade to 2.4.5

I am in the middle of an update from 2.4.2 to 2.4.5. The original site works and uses a child theme of luma, so afaik, the themes and CSS etc are set up correctly. After upgrading a Dev copy, I have a site that mostly works from a functionality pov but there is no styling and the luma logo is showing. Site is in developer mode but when I run

php bin/magento setup:static-content:deploy -f

I get:

Compilation from source: /home/Website/public_html/vendor/magento/theme-frontend-blank/web/css/styles-l.less
Unable to get content for 'frontend/Website/luma_child/en_GB/css/source/_extend-child.less'

When I navigate to static/version1670260918/frontend/Website/luma_child/en_GB/css/styles-l.css via Page Source it has


Unable to get content for 'frontend/Website/luma_child/en_GB/css/source/_extend-child.less'

<pre>#1 Magento\Framework\View\Asset\PreProcessor\AlternativeSource->processContent() called at [vendor/magento/framework/View/Asset/PreProcessor/AlternativeSource.php:114]


Same applies to styles-m. I'm assuming these frontend/Website paths are referring to :


There is no _extend-child.less file in there. Should there be? Is this something we have neglected to write before? Or how would I fix it. I had this error last week and spent a good while messing around with various styles.less file in different locations and no joy - I ended up starting the upgrade from scratch again but it's still an issue, so wondering if anyone has any ideas? Thanks


Re: "Unable to get content for ...._extend-child.less" - issue after upgrade to 2.4.5

Embarrassingly - this was down to a typo on my end