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re-indexing issues with magento 2.2.2

re-indexing issues with magento 2.2.2

So I'm upgrading to Magento 2 and I've made a lot of progress setting up the site again, when i do a readiness check it says cron is running fine.


for a few days the indexing was fine, it said all indexes we're ready, but occasionally it does this, and then i have to go through SSH to re-index the site


Problem is i keep getting One or more indexers are invalid. Make sure your Magento cron job is running.


It doesn't update on save and cron is set for ever minute through cpanel cron jobs and it won't do it through scheduled


This has happened before, but i will go through SSHand run 

php bin/magento indexer:reindex

 and yes that will reindex the site, But is this normal? should you have to regularly go through SSH to re-index magento 2


and how do i check magento 2 cron jobs? where are the future jobs and previous done jobs?


PS, i have recently deleted multiple unused store views and stores from the site, which caused this to come up, but i still think it should be able to re-index?


I look forward to hearing from you guys


Kind regards



Re: re-indexing issues with magento 2.2.2

Hello @Umair

I am not completely sure about the cron is working well or not, generally if cron is working fine you shouldn't face such issue, but meanwhile you can give this extension a try


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Re: re-indexing issues with magento 2.2.2

I found the same issue in my store.While going through marketplace I found this free extension Indexer plus to be helpful and it saves a lot of my time.

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