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redirect issue

redirect issue

I want to repost this, I am still having an issue with the redirect. I moved the site from a development server to a production server. I changed the URL in the database to the URL I want to be and I also check the database with select * from core_config_data where path like '%base_url%'; It's all correct. I also flushed cache, reindex deploy content. When I try to test it redirect to my development server. Does the database have it somewhere else?  The database name and user are the same could that cause it. Please Help!!! Or is there are debug mode I can check to see if its right. 


Re: redirect issue

Hi @bigd46,


If your database was properly changed (the core_config_data table) and the cache and auto-generate code too I guess you should check for another things.

For example, can you search dor the domain accross all the files of the project?


You can use grep from your server console.

First, you need to go to your Magento instance root directory and then execute this command:


grep -r "" .

Where is the final domain you're loking for.

If we follow that example you'll see something like:


./vendor/magento/module-email/Model/Template/Filter.php:     *     {{protocol url=""}} - domain URL with current protocol

In that case the string can be found into that file.


Can you try this?

You just need a few seconds to get the result.

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Re: redirect issue

No that's not the issue like I thought it was Redis. Clear Redis cache and db. That fixed it.