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Advanced Pricing - Missing

Advanced Pricing - Missing

I'm trying to put an item on sale.  When I edit the product, the price is greyed out and unable to be modified.  It's also missing the link for 'advanced pricing'.


I'm sure this is because we added configurations to each item for different SKUs.  For example, we have a product that has multiple options; but each is a different SKU.


Any ideas?


Re: Advanced Pricing - Missing


If this question is still relevant, then listen
If I understood correctly, then you created a configurable product that includes simple products. The fact is that you can not set a price for such a product, it will not be available, because it is just a set of simple products that differ by some criterion (for example, color). And when you customize the configurable product, you can specify each price for each simple product.

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I hope that helped