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Best method for migrating 1.x site to 2.x

Best method for migrating 1.x site to 2.x

I have a site on 1.5.x that I wish to move to the latest 2.x version.


I'd like to start with a new clean 2.x site with a new theme. The existing site has a few extensions but the only one of those I will have on the new site is Sage Suite pro.


I want to migrate all the customer, product and order data.


Ideally I would want to move the data as 'cleanly' as possible only moving data that is necessary and not moving any old extension data that isn't required but possibly keeping any Sage data if it is required to view previous orders.


I didn't develop the original site and am new to Magento but have been working with e-commerce systems for a few years.


My initial thoughts are to do the following;


1. Copy site to local server (done)

2. Install latest 2.x version on local server (done)

3. Install latest Sage pay suite on local 2.x site

4. Remove all extensions except Sage from local 1.5.x site via Connect Manager

5. Upgrade local 1.5.x site to 1.6.x site

  •  The reason for this upgrade is due to the latest data migration tool only working  with version 1.6+.

6. Use data migration tool to move customer, product and order details


Would that be the best way to go about doing this?


Thanks in advance!


Re: Best method for migrating 1.x site to 2.x

Hi @kxweb

Here're our two cents:

For step 3. Install latst Sage pay suite on local 2.x site: 

This step should be moved to the last stage, after you complete data migration process. This will minimize unexpected conflict.


For step 5. Upgrade local 1.5.x site to 1.6.x site: 

Once you get your site to 1.6.x, it would be best if you can implement an extra upgrade to 1.9.x. Then, you start migration to Magento 2.


Hope that helps.


Ubertheme team

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