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Developer and Server Companies Can't Help with Elasticsearch

Developer and Server Companies Can't Help with Elasticsearch

I want to upgrade my Magento to 2.4.2 (from 2.3.2)


The Developer Company who is doing this upgrade asked me to ensure my server has ElasticSearch 7.9.2


The Server Company installed ElasticSearch 7.9.2 on my server (I can see this from: curl -X GET "localhost:9200")


The Development Company has created a staging site on my server, but they say it only has 7.7.0 on it (they are getting this from /opt/plesk/php/7.4/bin/php -dmemory_limit=-1 /usr/local/psa/var/modules/composer/composer.phar show elasticsearch/elasticsearch)


My Server Company says:

"We have managed to install elasticsearch version 7.9 and there must be some configuration changes that needs to be made under settings which we are not aware of and as priorly updated the configuration part needs to be check at developer end.
If there is any settings that needs to be tweak at the server end please provide us, if possible we will surely make the required changes. "


And my Developer Company says:

"We don't know how to install and configure the Elastic Search on your server.
As a server people they should have to know this stuff"


I had never heard of Elasticsearch before this so I'm completely in the dark and it has now been over two weeks with no progress. Can someone please let me know how this could/should be resolved?


Re: Developer and Server Companies Can't Help with Elasticsearch

Hi @andrew_corbett 


I am not sure using upgrade you may use the Elastic cloud service. You may create a free account on and use the provided endpoints and credentials.


Based on my experience I can say if you use very basic configuration of Elastic search it should be good for testing.
But if you go for higher configuration, it is very costly. We have got invoice amount of 1000$ for a month where we just configured the server infrastructure to a higher configuration on the for testing purpose and did not use the search.




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