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Installing magento CE 1.9 on AWS

Installing magento CE 1.9 on AWS



I want to install Magento CE 1.9.X on Amazon AWS (CentOS). I am new to it.



I do not want to use AMI.


Could you point me to a step by step guide please?






Re: Installing magento CE 1.9 on AWS

Hii gmur,

We have installed Magento 2.x on Amazon AWS recently, we faced many problems during installing due to version issue. But for Magento1.9.x its quite simple.

I have documented step by step process Easy steps to install Magento2 with PHP7 on Amazon EC2.

Just you have to install PHP5.x instead of PHP7.0 and the second one is Magento1.9.x instead of Magento2.x rest are the same.



Hope this will help you.