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Magento 2.07 to 2.1 Readiness check fails FALSE POSITIVE

Magento 2.07 to 2.1 Readiness check fails FALSE POSITIVE

Hello and thanks for your help in advance.

I installed a fresh 2.07 using softaculous. I populated products, categories etc.


I want to upgrade to 2.1 in a conforming way. So I made a complete copy of magento directory and the database, and changed env.php to point to new database (copy).

The readiness check fails at two points -

Zip extension not installed 



On checking  - all seems to be in place - BUT readiness check fails - whatever I do.






See setup below

I am on CENTOS 7.2 x86_64 standard

I am on PHP 5.623

On both Master and Local

Zip version1.12.5
Libzip version0.11.2

zlib ZLib Support enabled

Stream Wrappercompress.zlib://
Stream Filterzlib.inflate, zlib.deflate
Compiled Version1.2.7
Linked Version1.2.7

Directive Local Value Master Value

zlib.output_handlerno valueno value



Re: Magento 2.07 to 2.1 Readiness check fails FALSE POSITIVE

 Hi there, how do you know it's a false positive? I guess you've actually done an upgrade as well? 


I wonder if being installed via Softaculous has anything to do with it.

I'm a Magento Developer living in Melbourne, Australia with 4 x Magento certifications Smiley Happy

Re: Magento 2.07 to 2.1 Readiness check fails FALSE POSITIVE

I know it is a false positive because any other way of checking (phpinfo, code interrogation) showed that always-post-raw-data was set to -1 and the zip library existed, was installed. I went so far as to install all other kinds of zip (like bzip) to make sure that it had everything that magento might need - but no luck.


I tried every possible thing 

a) php.ini fixes

b) .user.ini 

c) .htaccess

d) checking server 100 times

e) checking apache 100 times

f) checking php info 


Nothing worked and there were no hints in the error logs at the magento level or server level.


So I reluctantly went through a huge procedure of upgrading server to cpanel 58,  easy apache4, and the installing php 7.06 for just the test magento site, keeping all others at php 5.623


And it worked.


I wanted to see if there was a conforming path to upgrade and it looks like there is. The upgrade went well. In fact I had some permissions issue along the way and it allowed me to roll back completely, fix permissions issue and then move forward again. So when it works - it works well.