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Magento version update process vs Opencart?

Magento version update process vs Opencart?

I have osCommerce site that is heavily modified. Overall, I am (still) satisfied with it, despite needing a new skin now, but updating it is a nightmare, with many files requiring edits. So, I am looking for an easier solution so maintenance is easier.

Does anybody know how the process of upgrading and/or updating to new version of Magento compares to OpenCart, EXCLUSIVELY from an updating and upgrading (new versions, same system) perspective? I am ONLY interested in the upgrade process for new versions.

I know both systems are very capable, and both have pros/cons. My decision will be based exclusively on the update process.

I have found & tested CubeCart with great appreciation, and it is SUPER easy to update... unfortunately, it is a very small community, and that concerns me for other reasons.

Thanks in advance!