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Migration from Magento 2 CE to Magento 2 EE

Migration from Magento 2 CE to Magento 2 EE

Hi all,


We just started working on a customer engagement and would like to know whether we can kick start project using Magento 2 CE and at a later point of development can we migrate to Magento 2 EE or cloud verion. 

Project include OOB configurations, master data, third party extensions, external system integrations.  Your help is highly appreciated.



Re: Migration from Magento 2 CE to Magento 2 EE

You can definitely Migration from Magento 2 CE  to Magento 2 EE/Cloud without any hesitate.


By default, you cant migrate from third party extensions, external system integrations. You need to add manually again in EE/Cloud for their data.


Sales, Catalog, CMS, Url rewrite, Customer, Sales and Shopping cart rule will be migrated successfully. For third-party integration and Extension will not migrated using data migration tool yet.

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Re: Migration from Magento 2 CE to Magento 2 EE

@balajikumarMSeems like you want to save licensing time and want to start development on opensource and once you are ready then signup for Magento Cloud/ecommerce.


If this is the case then NOT RECOMMENDED. Magento Commerce comes with tons of additional functionalities which can be utilized and you can save a lot of your development time. It would be double the time and money to do development on Opensource and later migrate to Cloud/Ecommerce version. You may not see the issues currently, however later when you  have to migrate you'll start seeing them and you are coding for opensource and missing the way you have to code for ME.



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- Tarandeep
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Re: Migration from Magento 2 CE to Magento 2 EE

you can easily run your shop on magento 2 ce.

later migration will give you lots of issues and costs will be doubled...

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Re: Migration from Magento 2 CE to Magento 2 EE



you can easily do it, we did into one project.


Already Magento provide document for

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Re: Migration from Magento 2 CE to Magento 2 EE

Hi there,


If you want to expand your business size and increase sales volume, you definitely need to upgrade your site from Magento CE to M2 EE or cloud version. Magento 2 offers a comprehensive set of new features, security enhancements, and overall better performance. 


I know that this switch includes the huge task to work with your store database such as:

1. Backup module and your database
2. Set up and install all new extensions that are compatible with M2 EE/ Cloud version
3. Import the old data to your site.


And apart from this, there are still some additional task to improve your site as required.


Landofcoder provides this upgrade service to meet customer's demand at the price range from $20/h. You can contact them via live chat on (From Monday to Friday 8:30 am - 5:30 pm GMT+7 ), or you can send an email to in which you explain details what you want to custom with your site. They are very nice developers.


Hope you success.