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Not displaying Theme Correctly


Not displaying Theme Correctly


I have done upgrades but i think the Ultimo theme is displaying not quite right with menus etc.

Perhaps a css issue not sure. Is there a way to relaod the standard magento base and luma theme files to ensure they have not been corrupted in the past months as i know Ultimo does rely on these also from what i have read?


Re: Not displaying Theme Correctly

Yes you can change/reload luma theme again from Magento 2  Admin Panel.


logged in to your admin panel

go to content->configuration->over there you will see your website and store view as well . edit the website/store where you want to applied luma theme , then over there you will see dropdown list for theme , select Magento Luma from dropdown list and click on save configuration.


After that run php bin/magento cache:clean and php bin/magento cache:flush command.



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