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Skip backup while updating?


Skip backup while updating?

I find it strange Magento forces me to take a backup before being able to upgrade. It should be my own choice, right? Right now I have a few development installations on a dev server, and there is nothing worth mentioning on there for products or theming. I don't need a backup, I just want to upgrade for the bugfixes.


So now I have to try to get the backup to work, which is a headache in itself. And when I finally did get the backup to run, I have to wait and wait for it to finish, only to delete it afterwards. It's a waste of time, space and patience if you ask me. Anyone got an idea how to skip the backups?


Re: Skip backup while updating?

Ah, now I get it. Because of all the permission-screw-ups it's obvious an update would fail at some point, and forcing me to backup beforehand allows me to 'attempt' a rollback.

Again, I'd rather fix the said permissions and continue with the update..


[2016-04-01 12:29:09 UTC] An error occurred while executing job "setup:upgrade {"command":"setup:upgrade"}": Could not complete setup:upgrade {"command":"setup:upgrade"} successfully: Missing write permissions to the following directories: '/home/domains/'



After seeing this error I tried to run setup:upgrade via SSH, which works, but ends in the same permission-issue. When I fix the permissions and tried again, it did seem to complete. I'm not entirely sure, but I think running the update via SSH allows me to skip the backup. 

Re: Skip backup while updating?

Hi Alextimmer,

could you please describe the steps you've done? That would helps me a lot.