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Updating from any 2.x to 2.06 kills the Web Setup Wizard

Updating from any 2.x to 2.06 kills the Web Setup Wizard

As the title reads...


Had Magento since version 2.0 and upgraded each and every release up to 2.0.5 without any hiccups.


Only for this particular release (2.0.6). If I update to it it literally disable my Web Setup Wizard section of the back end.


Web Setup Wizard shows blank page, no source code, nothing/nada. No logs :/


All very boring!!! Could anyone let me know where to start looking for the problem please







Re: Updating from any 2.x to 2.06 kills the Web Setup Wizard

In case anyone face the same: Rolling back to 2.05 for now here.

Re: Updating from any 2.x to 2.06 kills the Web Setup Wizard

Attempted a roll back as well to 2.0.5, but alas, same issues as OP. I never saw an update for .5, was excited when you posted this as it could've been a solution.


I love Magento, but holy crap, I've NEVER had to baby sit any e-comm solution like this Smiley Sad

Re: Updating from any 2.x to 2.06 kills the Web Setup Wizard

No sh*t, feel ya.


I've just spent 3 full days (10~12hrs each) to get to a point where I run the latest built (2.06) and having 1 (one) extension running on it (BLOG MX from Mirasvit). I repeat ""3 full days""


To find out that:


1. I had to scrap my long stable versions 2.00~2.05 down to having to reinstall Magento from scratch for 2.06

2. I can't update it using the 'official' Magento Web Setup Wizard anymore because I'm using an extension not from their Marketplace.

3. The Web Setup Wizard loops the wheel all day long (read broken) in 2.06


All good fun. Less the part when the wife said "why don't you just buy a professional package like my company did", you could focus on making money instead of wasting your time in front of a computer all day & night long, nah?!


horrible wife, supportless lollll

Re: Updating from any 2.x to 2.06 kills the Web Setup Wizard

Wait, are you copying my story? haha. I've spent enough over the last 6 months to literally get EE. not counting dev team time and maintenance, commercial packages etc.


You mentioned Mirasvit and I think you might be on to something- I own and love all his (Alex') extensions, but I'm struggling with those too. If I disable them I get the site to load mostly at a normal pace, but once enabled all comes to a halt. This is something I discovered right after replying to your initial post. 


I've sent him a message so the wait is on. (Will post an update once this is figured out).

Re: Updating from any 2.x to 2.06 kills the Web Setup Wizard

First things first. (Happy wife, happy life - don't let your wife see your post from earlier Smiley Happy


- Mirasvit has now been updated and works fine. Now, it may or may not solve your web wizard problem, but I've learned to never rely on those for just about anything. I normally update with composer directly between versions as it happens in less than 30 seconds for all my extensions and magento itself. Easy to script out and manage that way. Now since using Mirasvit I've never been able to use the web wizard as it fails on random stuff I have no time to debug myself. In this last Magento update it could not proceed because one of the Mirasvit core components wasn't getting updated but that's resolved and all updates properly now.


If you need help or pointers, should me a PM.

Re: Updating from any 2.x to 2.06 kills the Web Setup Wizard

Ah the wife... lovely in all her glory no worries there. However she already knows she can horrible at best so by all means, I'm not touched a single bit if she reads the lines above lolll  I've made her understand the reasoning behind getting an Open Source eCommerce platform put together i.e. the (cheapest) quote we got last November for the work to be outsourced professionally was $US32,000. I mean the full pkg. Something we, as a start-up, can't afford at the moment.


Like I said, its all good fun (Magento-wise anyway). Quite enjoying myself with the platform. In fact it is absolutely beautiful and does exactly what we want it to do. What's frustrating (x100) is the steep learning curve involved, adapting to changes, and the numbers of hours that goes wasted in research alone to name a few. Not a pro at this and when it comes to advanced coding languages... well... I'm not shy to say that I am not the fastest learner. Things have changed a lot since the days I was involved (mid-late 90's, era).


You've gone EE, good on ya. We are investigating the possibility also here. In fact we are actually in contact with a partner who is prepping an action plan for us. Our main concern is online security but thank god somehow because when you compare Magento 2.0 to all the other available platforms today (paid or not), Magento "alone" is the most secured one and is backed-up with a pretty solid team of security professionals already. Those are not my words btw, was told by various security professionals recently.


So you see, 3 full days, overtime or not, it will pay off at the end and we'll end up winners. You and I both (Go Go Magento!)


RE Mirasvit; the guy is a legend. He has good taste in everything he does. His code is clean and organized, frontend-wise he pads his stuff like nobody else (its balanced, proportioned, clean). Prices are also reasonable given the functions he can enable your store with. If you ask me, he is the best around (trust me I've tried a few already). And as you've pointed out, he does indeed quickly revise his code and adapt his stuff to the customer exact needs. Dare anyone to find better!


Also, from the 5 or 6 other Magento extension developers we've had to deal with recently, he is the only one who didn't ask for admin SSH access nor FTP to our server. Dunno about you but as soon as we get this (weird) request we literally ditch the developer and blacklist him/here here (nearly wasted $800 so far in extension testing). Policy here is; if it doesn't wok as per-instructions or advertised, we simply ditch the product and move on.


So far... only stuff works for us - for Magento 2.0 anyway. Go figure


Lots of rumbling here sorry. Going for coffee break in a minute. That will help I'm sure lolll


ps: sending you a pm of our store when its online and working (still testing hard now). A lot of work to be done. As you probably know already haha

Re: Updating from any 2.x to 2.06 kills the Web Setup Wizard

Back on topic; anyone with similar issues (Web Wizard!), Magento acknowledged it not being too reliable atm so stop trying to make it work and wait for future release.