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Upgrading from 1.9.X - When is the right time?

Upgrading from 1.9.X - When is the right time?

Hi all, 


I have a large client that is currently on  The migration process to 2.X looks extremely cumbersome and is basically an entire different platform.  


I know eventually the "upgrade" (migration) will be necessary but I want to prepare my client far in advance for when the time comes so we can budget.  


Currently it will be a huge cost to them and I don't want to incur that cost until I can justify it from a business perspective.  They have all the security patches they are eligible for.


I was not able to find documentation explaining how long version 1.9.X will be supported for and was hoping this community would be able to give me some guidance.


Thank you in advance.  I'm sure you're all super busy and I appreciate and value your time.


Re: Upgrading from 1.9.X - When is the right time?

from magento docs its 17th November 2018


magento migration is pretty stright forward, only you must have the same database mappings.

otherwice you will have to design completely different shop.


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