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Upgrading from Magento CE to EE


Upgrading from Magento CE to EE

Hi all,


Has anyone had real life experience upgrading Magento CE to Magento EE (version 2)? Is it challenging/easy? What were the issues faced?


Reason I'm asking is our team is considering to start with Magento 2 CE first (due to budgetary constraints) and later upgrade to Magento 2 EE. Thinking if this is a viable approach compared to starting on EE on day one


Re: Upgrading from Magento CE to EE

Also, if I exclude the Magento Enterprise specific features, is Magento CE and Magento EE sharing the same code base (for core features)? 

Re: Upgrading from Magento CE to EE

Magento Community and Enterprise editions share the same core, but Enterprise comes with many new functionalities. That means that there is no difference if you're migrating your Magento1 CE to Magento2 CE/EE. Also, if you decide to use EE at some point, you can easily switch it from CE to EE on Magento2, without any further migrations or headaches.


Whole migration process from Magento1 to Magento2 is simplified with Data Migration Tool, you can find more information how to use it on Magento2 Docs. It goes pretty smoothly, there are few minor differences/issues which you can encounter, but nothing which cannot be solved.


The hardest part is migration of your custom functionalities and 3rd party modules from Magento1 to Magento2. First step you can do is to check with your extension's vendors to see if there is already Magento2 version of extension. For extension which are not released for Magento2 yet, you can either find alternative at other vendors, or you'll have to work (or hire someone) on migrating Magento1 to Magento2 code, and that's something which doesn't go straight-forward, although there is a tool which can help you about that Code Migration Tool.

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