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filter/layered navigion in 2.1.8

filter/layered navigion in 2.1.8

Upgraded from Enterprise edition 2.1.7 to 2.1.8 and since then the layered navigation doesn't work.

The price and category filters seem ok, but whenever I filter by brand I just get a message saying "We can't find products matching the selection." 

As anyone else experienced the same issue. Or even better does anyone have a fix?

We have gold support, but so far haven't had an answer to the ticket I created for this or for our other 2.1.8 issue where some of the navigation in the admin seems to be broken.

Very disappointed with Magento support so far to be honest.


Re: filter/layered navigion in 2.1.8

Magento provided us with a patch which didn't work, but if anyone else runs into this solution the following fix I found on github worked for us:

Also it's 100% certain a 2.1.8 issue as I upgraded another 2.1.7 site I had and layered navigation broke on it too.

Re: filter/layered navigion in 2.1.8

É amigo, aqui no brasil estamos a mercê de alguns barões do magento. 

Mas aqui mando uma dica, quando tiver problemas com categorias, produtos e em alguns casos o carrinho. Tente reindexar os índices. Fazendo pelo Admin algumas vezes pode não funcionar na versão 2.1.x

Então recomento acessar a raíz do site via SSH, e executar o seguinte comando: 

php bin/magento indexer:reindex

Espero ter te ajudado.