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getting error free checkout in 2.x


getting error free checkout in 2.x

The checkout process is obviously important for all ecommerce sites.

One of the known issues for 2.2 listed on Magento's official release notes is:

Issue: A mistake entering credit card information during an order for a new customer can cause subsequent errors even after the user has corrected the credit card information.

This is serious enough to make upgrading to 2.2 seem like it's not a viable option.

However one of the things 2.2 fixes is:

We’ve corrected a problem with Magento throwing an HTTP ERROR 500 intermittently during checkout.

Feel like your damned if you do and damned if you don't in terms of whether to upgrade or not.

Does anyone know the change just to fix the 500 errors as ideally would just like to apply it manually rather than go for whole 2.2 upgrade which introduces new checkout errors.


Re: getting error free checkout in 2.x

I'll answer my own question since I've spoke to support since posting this. Apparently the fix for the 500 error has been every version since 2.1.3 so for the moment it's probably best to stick with 2.1.9