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magento upgrade

magento upgrade

I have ecommerce store on 2.3.2 community edition.

i want to upgrade to version 2.4.1 CE

how to do it.


Re: magento upgrade

Hi @aliatrista6f22 
Since Magento has launched its latest edition 2.4 with the latest eCommerce features, so you have taken a wise decision to upgrade your store. In order to upgrade the store, I would suggest you consult with a professional Magento migration expert. Since there are multiple processes involved so an expert would provide you with proper information and guide you through the steps on how exactly it will be done. If you want to consult one of the Migration Experts, please visit our Magento 2 Migration service page. Here you'll get everything you'll need including the best service at the best price in the market for smooth migration process

Re: magento upgrade

Hi there


It's great to hear you want to upgrade your site to M2.4.2 - the latest version for better performance, security and additional features. 


There are plenty of steps for this process, and it's better if you can get the consultation from the web development agencies. They will check the whole environments and guide you thoroughly.


Here are some of my suggestions for you: Landofcoder, Amasty, Mageplaze, Cedcomerce, etc. 

Thank you.

Re: magento upgrade

Hello @aliatrista6f22,


Here I would like to recommend this Magento Migration Services offered by this firm. Kindly review it.


Thank you

Best regards