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migrated from magento Version 1 to Version 2.4

migrated from magento Version 1 to Version 2.4

as of late moved from magento 1 to 2.4. huge index, 200k items. for the life of me, it seems like the mag 1 took care of the huge index better. utilizing stain and redis, alright... magento 2 local help for fresher php adaptations, fpc incorporated with network, alright despite the fact that we fixed that on magento 1. I get it. I utilize a long term old thinkpad that I updated and hacked to death and now it's similarly on a par with a more up to date PC however hello, possibly there's some new usefulness that makes magento 2 justified, despite all the trouble I continued saying... Basically, for an enormous inventory, with many (400) ascribes, the capacity to do the eav indexer in flexible seemed like the executioner application for me. Yet, that doesn't appear to be filling in true to form, and now, I relocated the site, it's utilitarian, it appears to be a little more slow on the backend, I expect because of the huge information base. This isn't a venting, I guarantee, however a debt of gratitude is in order for perusing this far. In any case, my inquiry is, has anybody effectively relocated an extremely huge sku tally like mine to magento 2 and had a positive encounter? Since while I realize Adobe has the absolute best architects on the planet, and they'll continue taking a shot at it, it seems like I moved to a beta that I'm repairing just to duplicate existing usefulness that previously worked (somehow or another, better). I think for a list of perhaps 50K items, Magento 2 as it exists now in October 2020 might be worthy? The move just appears to be a major misuse of my time, yet kept me productively utilized in the process because of a most likely good for nothing end of life. Telltims


Re: migrated from magento Version 1 to Version 2.4

Review the Magento Commerce Cloud service versions  information for the latest software version requirements. Your upgrade tasks may include the following:

  • Update your PHP version Elasticsearch version, and other services
  • Convert an older configuration management file
  • Update the file with new settings for hooks and environment variables
  • Upgrade third-party extensions to the latest supported version
  • Update the .gitignore file

I hope this helps.

Best Regards