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Code of Conduct for MA (Includes MT, MMA etc?)

Code of Conduct for MA (Includes MT, MMA etc?)

The topic came up on twitter about MM DE and some inappropriate conduct.


We should have a place to talk about this topic


1) Is this the right place?

2) How should it be presented?

3) Should we talk about this before events?


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Re: Code of Conduct for MA (Includes MT, MMA etc?)

Hi @Brent W Peterson,


How are you?

At MugAr (Magento Users Group ARgentina) we're using this: (english version

We've defined that as the minimun for everything (slack, meetups, larger events, github, etc)


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Re: Code of Conduct for MA (Includes MT, MMA etc?)

1. Maybe (if others involved with MA think so, though I'd see an independent location somewhere in the future)
2. Online on the website, as well as in physical format at the event near reception or a gathering area (definitely both)
3. We should talk about it before the event, and in the opening to the event at the start of the day (the welcome speech etc.)


Here’s ours: which I’d be totally fine with starting a standard using this as a base. 

I can find a picture of the physical banner, but it essentially had the short-form version of the above printed on it so it was blatant. We had 2 reports and dealt with both in less than 5 minutes.