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Building the Future of Magento Open Source Together

Adobe Team

Author: John Stockton, Senior Director, Product. 


The power of open source software is how it enables a global community of developers to build upon and extend the core code to address a wide range of business needs and use cases. The Magento community has always been a key source of innovation, not just for Adobe Commerce and Magento Open Source, but throughout the ecommerce industry - pioneering solutions, rapidly advancing product capabilities, and enabling companies from diverse industries to achieve their customer experience visions. Over the 14 years since Magento was first released, the platform’s flexibility has enabled the largest ecosystem in all of commerce to execute on every imaginable digital business case and empowered customers, partners, and developers to succeed.


As the landscape changes, the Magento community is ensuring it remains a leading platform for solving commerce needs, particularly for SOHO and SMB customers, and Adobe is dedicated to helping the community continue to drive product value. Adobe is confident in the future of Magento Open Source and invested in being a good partner to cultivate that future through the Magento Association.


Adobe will continue to partner with the community to ensuring that the core open source codebase is secure and high quality, while we focus on delivering incremental capabilities released as independent modules to help our customers realize new value. This approach takes into account customer feedback on simplifying the upgrade process and lowering total cost of ownership, while also allowing us to bring new capabilities to market faster.   Features like PWA Studio, GraphQL expansion, Sales Channels, and more are examples of how the entire Community will continue to benefit from the independently released functionality. We are also excited to see the innovation that customers, partners, and developers across our community will bring to Page Builder. Joint development projects bring together Adobe’s product, UX, and QA teams to work closely with community members on key initiatives like the Platform Health and PHP 8 compatibility projects.


Through events like Adobe Developers Live, coming on October 4 & 5, Magento Association Connect, Community Engineering led Community Hangouts, and GitHub driven conversations, we are excited to continue engaging in two-way dialogue with our developer and partner community about the future of open source, and Adobe’s ongoing support of the community.