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Changes to supported PHP versions due to PHP 7.1 End of Life

Adobe Team

Magento Commerce and Magento Open Source 2.3.3, 2.2.10 bring changes to supported versions of PHP.


PHP Support in Magento 2.2.x

Until now, 2.2.0-2.2.9 versions supported PHP versions up to 7.1. With security support for PHP 7.1 ending on December 1, 2019 and because Magento 2.2 is supported until the end of 2019, we are introducing support for PHP 7.2 in the release of Magento Commerce and Magento Open Source 2.2.10.


For more on each software support policy see the Magento Software Lifecycle Policy and the PHP Supported Versions page.


For compliance reasons, merchants are encouraged to consider upgrading their systems to PHP 7.2. Note, it is possible that some extensions and customizations might not be compatible with PHP 7.2. Make sure to thoroughly test and evaluate your store before running a live site on PHP 7.2.


Please note that PHP 7.0 reached End of Life on January 1, 2019. While Magento 2.2.10 will install on PHP 7.0, we have not tested it and no fixes will be released for it. We recommend updating to a supported version of PHP.


PHP Support in Magento 2.3.x

While 2.3.x versions already support PHP 7.2, Magento 2.3.3 brings with it support for PHP 7.3, as the Magento 2.3.x series will continue to receive software support later than the end of life for PHP 7.2 support (coming on November 30, 2020).

This allows new projects to start using PHP 7.3 and existing stores to gradually start supporting PHP 7.3. Magento Marketplace extension vendors should make sure that their extensions are compatible with PHP 7.3 when publishing a new version.

Kiran B
M2 Certified

When is the release date for 2.2.10?


Andrew Parsons
Senior Member

You mention Magento 2.2 is supported until the end of 2019, but the open source maintenance policy doc only details 2.2 support up until September 2019.


Is this in need of updating or is the end of support still different between this and Commerce?



Tarandeep Singh
M2 Certified

@Kiran B @Andrew Parsons 


Release date of Magento Commerce 2.2.10 is October 2019. As far as I am aware of Magento Open Source 2.2.x EOL is September 2019 and there is no plan to push those timelines.

Sankalp Shekhar
M2 Certified


@Kiran B Magento has now defined a quaterly release shcedule.


Given 2.2.9 was released in June 2019, i.e. 2nd quarter of 2019, 2.2.10 is very much expected to be rolled out in 3rd quarter 2019, so it could be last week of Sept 2019