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Community Engineering Newsletter, March 25 - 29, 2019

New Contributor

Get a quick update on all Community Engineering projects including completed and in-progress stories, features, and testing. Welcome new contributors joining your community projects. Check open requests and good first issues in the project boards.


If you missed a meeting or demo, want to join a specific project and contribute, or have questions, check the links to recordings, project boards, and more.


Connect with Community Engineering

Community Portal | Google Calendar (iCal) | Slack

slack-logo.png Join us on Slack!

To connect with Magento and the Community, join us on the Magento Community Engineering Slack. Want to join, send a request at or self signup. For a list of channels, see this gist.



Merchant Interviews: Adobe-Powered Product Recommendations!

The Magento UX team is seeking your insights. Take the survey, share it with merchants, and have your voice heard.

  • Want to help shape how product recommendations are created in Magento? Participate in a merchant interview!
  • To be considered, sign up by filling out this survey!
  • We look forward to getting your insights!



Project Board | GitHub | Slack |DevDocs | User Guide

Magento Coordinator: Igor Minialilo, Eugene Shakhsuvarov, and Igor Gorin

  • Igor Minialilo and Eugene Shakhsuvarov attending the Contribution Day Hackathon in Krakow, organized by Strix.
  • Catch Igor and Eugene April 5-6 at the Contribution Day in Italy, organized by MageSpecialist.


Meeting recordings:



Project Board | GitHub | Slack | DevDocs

Magento Coordinator:  Valeriy Nayda, Nishant Kepoor,  and Igor Gorin

  • Work this week:
  • Focused on processing PRs to clear work and reduce the queue.
  • A full demo coming soon for Checkout workflow
  • The next set of work will either be My Account or Performance track (architectural improvement of GraphQL-Magento eco system)
  • Additional news coming soon!



PWA Studio

Project Board | GitHub | Slack | DevDocs

Magento Coordinator: James Zetlen, Andrew Wilcox, and Igor Gorin

  • Demo: 
    • Demo of GatsbyJS+Studio PWA example from Stan S.pwa-demo1-3-29-2019.png






    • Review of GraphQL+REST coverage in Venia, work in progress – See the video for the entire presentation and discussion. Here are some snapshots:pwa-graph1-3-29-2019.png







Meeting recording:


Asynchronous Import & Bulk API Project

Project Board | GitHub | Slack | DevDocs Bulk API & Async API

Community Project Maintainer: Alex Lyzun from comwrap

Magento Coordinator:  Volodymyr Kublytskiy and Igor Gorin



Adobe Experience Platform Launch (AEP)

GitHub | Slack

Magento Coordinator:  Igor Gorin and Eugene Shakhsuvarov


Localization and Translations

Japanese GitHub  | Slack Japanese 

GitHub | Project Board | Slack TranslationsMagento CrowdIn

Magento Coordinator: Volodymyr KublytskiyPiotr Kaminski, and Igor Gorin



Meeting recording:


MFTF Conversion

GitHub | Project Board | Slack

Magento Coordinator: Alex Kolesnyk


Magento 2

Project Board | GitHub| Slack


Magento Architecture

Project Board | GitHub | Architecture Slack | Services Isolation Slack

Magento Coordinator: Olga Kopylova

Meeting Notes: March 27, 2019 #135


  • [Merged] Fix director structure, #134
  • [Merged] Fix “Component Assignments” link, #133
  • [Merged] Fix “affected components” link, #132
  • [Merged] Update Magento MFTF Tests Versioning and Backward compatibility Policy with modifying argument type for ActionGroup, #118
  • [Merged] Document regarding controllers extending each other, #101
  • [Merged] Proposal: Allow class attribute for referenceBlock type in layout xml, #85

Services Isolation:


Meeting recordings:


Magento Coding Standards

GitHub | Slack | Project

Magento Coordinator: Lena Orobei




Site | Slack | Github | Projects

  • You may have noticed a new label and branch for small_changes. Only use the Master branch as your PR target. We use small changes to quickly test and merge editorial and technical contributions, while you still get your points.
  • Special Achievements are now unlocked for DevDocs! We have started marking issues with this label to award more points, just like Community Engineering issues and PRs! Write new topics and contribute significant work, and earn this label.
  • We have also moved a series of issues and PRs to specialized projects to better manage the contributions. These include GraphQL/REST/SOAP, Install/Configure, and a few others to run internal processes for issues and PRs.