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Community Engineering Newsletter, October 8 - 12, 2018

New Contributor

Get a quick update on all Community Engineering projects including completed and in-progress stories, features, and testing. Welcome new contributors joining your community projects. Check open requests and good first issues in the project boards.


If you missed a meeting or demo, want to contribute, or have questions, check the links to recordings, project boards, and more.


Check the Magento Community Engineering Google Calendar for all events:

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Wiki | Blog | Twitter | Slack



  • Submit 5 PRs AND/OR validate 10 issues across any Magento Repo between October 1 – 31. You get credit for the submissions, even if merges occur after October.
  • When validatingGitHub Issues, see our GitHub Issues Processing Workflow.
  • When submitting PRs, see our Contributor Guide.

Important Note: All issues are currently verified with the Automated Contributor Assistant. All issues in backlogs and repos can be worked on for SQUASHTOBERFEST credit. A specific label is not needed.


2.3.0 Beta News

  • Updated beta published October 12, 2018: 2.3.0-beta18
  • The release includes the following CBEs, updates to Amazon Pay and child modules and MSI:


dotmailer/dotmailer-magento2-extension = 3.0.0
klarna/m2-payments = 5.2.0
temando/module-shipping-m2 = 1.4.0
vertex/module-tax = 2.2.0
amzn/amazon-pay-and-login-magento-2-module = 2.2.0
magento/inventory-composer-metapackage = ^1.0.0
msp/twofactorauth = ^3.0.0
msp/recaptcha = ^2.0.1



Project Board | GitHub | Slack

Magento Coordinator: Igor Minialilo



Project Board | GitHub | Slack

Magento Coordinator: Valeriy Nayda

Current PRs status:

Architecture side status:


STEP                          AVERAGE    DIFFERENCE            RESULT

Process categories ids        1.00ms     +0.0%      (+0ms)     ok
API - Get color values ids    85.00ms    +0.0%      (+0ms)     ok
Query multiple products       545.00ms   -19.1%     (-129ms)   improvement
Query simple product          183.00ms   -38.8%     (-116ms)   improvement
Query configurable product    249.00ms   -30.3%     (-108ms)   improvement
Query products with full      1807.00ms  -15.1%     (-321ms)   improvement
 text search and filter  
Query products with full      880.00ms   -12.4%     (-125ms)   improvement
 text search only   
Query bundle product          252.00ms   -30.0%     (-108ms)   improvement
Query downloadable product    193.00ms   -36.7%     (-112ms)   improvement
Query virtual product         183.00ms   -38.2%     (-113ms)   improvement
Query grouped product         274.00ms   -29.6%     (-115ms)   improvement
Query Category                114.00ms   -24.5%     (-37ms)    improvement



Bulk API & Async Import Project

Bulk API: Project Board | GitHub | Slack

Async: Project Board | GitHub

Community Project Maintainer: Alex Lyzun from comwrap

Magento Coordinator:  Volodymyr Kublytskiy

  • We had many interested developers and demo presentations at MLEU 2018.
  • Delivered several important features and fixes to upcoming 2.3.0 release including possibility to run asynchronous API requests by integrations.
  • We are continuing work on a sync import prototype and Redis connection framework.
  • Alex Lyzun presented at MLEU 2018 on the projects, discussing performance, APIs, and more.
  • We had many interested developers and PRs at MLEU 2018 Contribution Day.



PWA Studio

Project Board | GitHub | Slack

Magento Coordinator:  Eric Erway and James Zetlen

  • Sprint 26 completed and demo for UPWARD release and related documentation, includes editable cart from Bargreen
  • Sprint 27 in progress focused on UPWARD quality and API documentation, to include payments UX/discovery for Venia PWA
  • Order Details (#350), Search auto-complete (#313) and Account menu updates (#351) groomed October 12, 2018
  • Product options for PD almost complete (#278) via Paul (@pcvonz); demo from Bargreen via Slac
  • Contribution Day at #MLEU on 10/8 included 1 PR merged for UPWARD build/tools (#338)
  • Continued help from Martin Hansen (@mhhansen) helping with PR review and post-UPWARD  
  • Contributors up 86% this week per @Gitential (week/week)
  • We had many interested developers and PRs at MLEU 2018 Contribution Day.


Meeting recordings:



Slack | Japanese GitHub

Magento Coordinator: Volodymyr Kublytskiy

  • We have a number of groups working on Localization.
  • Groups are using Crowdinfor converting and tracking translations.
  • We have a new Slack channel at #Translations.
  • We are refining processes for review and approval of translations.
  • Sonja Riesterer (@sonjarierr) led German translation work and presented at MLEU 2018 Contribution Day.


Magento 2

Project Board | GitHub| Slack


Magento Architecture

Project Board | GitHub | Slack