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Community Engineering Update – April 2018

Adobe Team

Magento Open Source - Statistics


In April, we made the following progress on pull requests and issues:


Pull Requests

  • Processed: 416
  • Merged: 324
  • Rejected: 92
  • Created: 286
  • Accepted Rate: 78%
  • Contributors: 120
  • New Contributors: 45
  • Average response time:18 hours


  • Created: 240
  • Closed: 163
  • Fixed by the community: 37
  • Fixed by partners: 6


Our top 5 individual contributors for the month of April:


# Contributor Created Accepted
1 Ihor Sviziev 16 12
2 Riccardo Tempesta 13 4
3 Karla Saaremäe 11 12
4 Sergey Mutaf 10 9
5 Yaroslav Rogoza 7 6


And the top partner contributors have been:


Team Name Created Accepted Contributing Members Contribution Points
Convert 1 10 2 210
Comwrap 8 6 3 110
Atwix 8 7 3 70
JH 2 6 5 60
Interactiv4 3 4 4 60
TechDivision 5 3 2 40
MageSpecialist 13 4 1 40


All contributor stats are now available on the Magento Contributors website .


Pull Requests of note


During the month of April, we merged 324 pull requests across all our repositories. We would like to extend a massive thank you to everyone who has contributed over this month.


One significant pull request that was merged in April was from Juan Alonso. This pull request adds a config type option to the “bin/magento app:config:dump” command. With this addition it is now possible to dump just the store or theme config settings, which should help with maintainability of project config data. Check out his pull request at


Contribution Events


Contribution Day in Kharkiv, Ukraine


On the 14th of April 2018, Magecom hosted a 2nd contribution day in Kharkiv, Ukraine. That day we had 12 attendees working on both the core and MSI projects. At the end of the day we had 6 PRs to the core and 2 PRs to the MSI project.


See MageCom’s post Magento Meetup & Contribution Days in Kharkiv: How We Did It for more information about this event and their journey to running meetups and contribution days.


Magento Imagine Hackathon, Las Vegas


On April 21st and 22nd, AOE ran a hackathon as part of Magento Imagine. During this event, we ran contribution tracks for the main repository and the MSI project. We received 4 pull requests to the main repository as well as 8 pull requests to the MSI project.

How to get involved


As always, if you are interested in finding out more about contributing to Magento we recommend getting involved in the community engineering Slack channel (email requests to join to We also have a wide selection of projects currently running and have just started with phase 2 of the BulkAPI, payment improvements and GraphQL projects. If you are interested in participating in one of these projects take a look at the project overview page and let us know.