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Community Engineering Update - August 2017

New Contributor

Magento Community Engineering team has been working together with the Magento Community since February 2017. It has been a busy seven months for all of us, and together, we achieved great results.


The Magento Community Engineering Team is currently working on three initiatives.

  1. First and foremost is Magento 2 Open Source. We're processing community pull requests, engaging with contributors, conducting Contribution Days and everything related to contributions into the public GitHub.
  2. Multi Source Inventory. We're developing this big and complex feature together with active community contributors and partners. The project requires a group of community contributors work together as one team, using Agile principles. It has own roadmap, Kanban board, stories, and open weekly demos.
  3. The Partners Contribution Program, an initiative that launched in July 2017. You can read more about this program in the “Magento Partner Contributions Reward Program" blog post.


Collaboration is one of the critical activities for every community, and for this purpose, Community Engineering has own slack channel for all contributors - There are more than 200 members in the channel, including our team, which is very active on collaboration and helping contributors with pull requests, technical questions, issues and best practices. If you are interested in joining the channel, just send us request at


Magento Open Source


The volume of contribution to Magento Open Source shows the spirit of the Magento Community. The graph below provides insights into magento2 GitHub pull requests statistics for the last 12 months. You may notice an increase of processed Pull Request in February, and also a noticeable increase in the number of new pull requests about the same time.Screen Shot 2017-08-31 at 10.28.59 AM.png


Overall PR statistic from 1st of January 2017 by 1st of September 2017:

Processed (merged or closed) – 1016

Merged – 600

Created – 702


The Community Engineering Team wants to say a BIG THANK YOU to all Magento 2 Open Source Contributors! In 2017 we now have 292 developers have made contributions into magento2 GitHub, and 129 created more than one pull request.


Kudos to the Top Contributors of August 2017:

# Contributor Accepted Created Rejected
1 dverkade 6 7 1
2 Anton Evers 5 7 2
3 DominicWatts 4 5 0
4 David Manners 4 4 1
5 Jeroen 2 3 1


Overall for August 2017, we had pull requests from 50 individual contributors, and 16 of them made more than one pull request, with a total of 83 pull requests.


There was one interesting pull request in August from the first-time contributor thiagolima-bm, we want to highlight. The pull request added an improvement to simplify the rendering of item collections in templates. The pull request was covered by tests, had a good description, and was up-voted by the community. Well done!


In September, we will conduct Contribution Days at Meet Magento Poland (17th of September), Meet Magento Belgium (26th of September) and at Magento Hackathon Munich (29th of September – 1st of October). These events are a great place to learn how to contribute, work together with core architects, and also just have fun. Join us there!


We have the great team of Community Maintainers, helping us to process pull requests and issues in GitHub. The team size has increased over the last seven months, and now we have team of 9. Make sure you know the heroes and give them kudos: Anna Völkl, David Alger, Vlad Veselov, Vinai Kopp, Kristof Ringleff, Miguel Balparda, Matthias Zeis, Fabian Schmengler and David Manners. In August, the team processed 21 pull requests.


Multi Source Inventory


MSI progress is noticeable and bringing more attention from the Magento Community. In August, the community developed four stories from roadmap:

Kudos to our August most active contributors to the MSI project: Lars Röttig and Alessandro Ronchi. If you are interested in participating in this project, email us at You can find a lot of information on the project wiki and currently open tasks on Kanban board.


Partners Contribution


The Top Partners by contribution in August 2017:

Partner PR Created PR Accepted
Experius 8 0
Kega 7 5
MageSpecialist 7 1
Ampersand 2 0
CoolBlueWeb 1 1




The Community Engineering team appreciates all the hard work of Community Contributors, Partners and Maintainers. Being part of Open Source activities is what makes Magento such a great company and product to work with. If you have feedback, ideas or just something to say to Community Engineering team, do not hesitate to drop us email at