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Community Engineering Update – January 2018

Adobe Team

We are encouraged to see how strongly this year has started off. There have been a lot of great pull requests, project contributions, and interesting conversations taking place in our community engineering Slack channel. If we continue this throughout the year, 2018 will be an amazing year for all of us.


Magento Open Source - Statistics


During the month of January, we have processed 191 pull requests. With the help of our amazing community maintainers team, there have been 203 pull requests created by the community, 88 unique contributions and 48 new contributors. These stats highlight to us that people are continuing to contribute, and new people are getting involved. It also highlights the importance of our community maintainers team, as together they processed 80 pull requests.


For the month of January our top 5 individual contributors have been:


# Contributor Created Accepted
1 Aki Ojalehto 25 7
2 Danny Verkade - Cream 18 18
3 Ihor Sviziev 13 7
4 Alexander Shkurko 9 7
5 Vinay Shah 7 1


And the top 5 partner contributors have been:


Team Name Created Accepted Contributing Members Contribution Points
Interactiv4 10 7 4 120
Vaimo 9 7 1 120
Wagento 10 6 5 60
Atwix 2 1 2 60
TechDivision 4 3 2 50


All contributor stats are now available on the Magento Contributors website.


Contribution Events


We would like to highlight a few contribution events from January that we think really carried the spirit of open source contribution.


Meet Magento India


During the Meet Magento conference in India, Wagento hosted a contribution day. During this event, we had 45 developers from around India and provided 22 pull requests.

We asked attendee Neeta Kangiya to give us her thoughts on the event and contribution in general.


"There are moments when you make exactly the right shot in a round of golf or a tennis match, and you realize with immense pleasure what you've just accomplished. For me, working with "Magento Community Engineering Team" was the same, and I got this opportunity on Magento Contribution Day 2018 which was held on 7 January 2018 during #MMIN18 and took place in my beautiful city Ahmedabad. It provided intensive workshops with the #magento core engineering team, giving great insights into Magento 2 development and improvement to the Magento 2 core. Working with very down to earth Magento masters Vinai Koop, David Manners and Eugene Shakhsuvarov was already a great achievement.


Happiest to be among one of the @Magento contributors in #MMIN18 as I have generated 1 PR and contributed into "devdocs" also, and I was amazed when my PR was approved. What else does someone need as their work will be appreciated at the end of the day and I also got T-shirt printed with "Contributor - Magento Community Engineering."


This contribution was not limited to that day only. Currently also in my free time, I am continuing to contribute for the Magento 2 community." - Neeta Kangiya


Contribution Day in Kharkiv


On the 27th of January, Magecom hosted a contribution day in Kharkiv Ukraine. Focusing on the Multi Source Inventory (MSI) project, this event provided 6 pull requests and introduced a lot more developers to the project. You can find a video highlights package of the event here, but we also asked Sergey Fisenko, the CEO of Magecom, for his thoughts on this event.


"For many years, our engineers have been visiting Magento events around the world, and it helped our company improve, grow, and eventually become one of the biggest Magento-focused agencies in Ukraine. We felt it's now our turn to contribute to the community, and we decided to organize a series of Magento meetups in Kharkiv, Ukraine, and help other developers grow professionally. Thanks, Magento!" - Sergey Fisenko


How to get involved


As always, if you are interested in finding out more about contributing to Magento we recommend getting involved in the community engineering Slack channel (email requests to join to We also have a wide selection of projects currently running. If you are interested in participating in one of these projects take a look at the project overview page and let us know.