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Community Engineering Update - November 2017

Adobe Team

November 2017 was an exciting mix of contribution days, community project work, and of course pull request processing. Coming off the back of the #SQUASHTOBERFEST event, the core team and maintainers had their work cut out with the amount of open pull requests the community has provided. This month saw a record level of processed pull requests as well as a fantastic level of new contributors.


Magento Open Source - Statistics


During the month of November, we received 257 new pull requests, but with the help of our maintainers, we managed to process a total of 358 pull requests. The 257 pull requests we received in the month came from a total of 113 contributors, of which 51 were first time contributors.


# Contributor Created Accepted Rejected
1 Vova Yatsyuk 7 6 0
2 Oscar Recio 6 5 2
3 Zefiryn 5 3 0
4 Ihor Sviziev 4 7 0
5 gonzalopelon 4 5 1


These contributions not only had an effect in the code base, but they also had a positive effect with the issues on GitHub. During the month, 485 issues have been closed, with 76 of these issues being closed because the community has provided a fix. Remember that pull requests aren’t the only way to contribute. Assisting with issue validation is a key component to Community Engineering, too.


Solution Partners Contributions


A lot of new solutions partners joined the contribution program this month and some of them immediately jumped to top contributors of the month! Congratulations to Interactive4, Experius, Something Digital, Atwix, and TechDivision for the great work.



Team Name Total Created Total Merged Created In Partners GitHub Repository Created In Public GitHub Repository
Interactiv4 31 39 0 31
Experius 5 22 2 3
Something Digital 8 15 4 4
Atwix 13 11 0 13
TechDivision 3 7 0 3


Special Community Projects


After the success of the MSI community driven project we are currently working on rolling this model of work to other areas of Magento. The vision is to have community members help to propose the topic, organize a team, come up with design and participate in the development. Right now, there are a few projects in the requirements gathering and design stage: support of Bulk API calls?, improvements to the import/export function, and improved Elasticsearch indexers.


Please follow the Dev Blog posts for the detailed description of these projects and ask about them in our slack channel.


Contribution Events


We would like to highlight a few contribution events from November that we think really carried the spirit of open source contribution.


Meet Magento Spain Contribution Weekend


Before the Meet Magento Spain event in Madrid, interactive4 hosted a two-day contribution weekend combining pull requests and paella. During this event, 32 pull requests were provided by the attendees and participants had many discussions about first time contribution. The host Oscar Soria had this to say:


“The Contribution Weekend helped the Spanish Magento community to understand and collaborate with the people involved in the development of Magento. In addition, we were able to chat with the Magento engineers about the trends and peculiarities that we experience in the Spanish market.

It was a pleasure to see a lot of developers (aka “community”) helping to grow the platform.” – Oscar Recio Soria







As part of the MageTestFest event, there was a contribution day which contained several tracks focusing on a wide variety of topics. In addition to continued support for the Multi-Source Inventory (MSI) project and GitHub issues, there was also a track focusing on the new Magento testing frame work (MTAD). During this event, 4 pull requests were created for the MSI project. You can also find a more detailed review of the event on the Yireo blog



Atwix Contribution Day


As part of the 7-year anniversary of Atwix, a contribution day was hosted on the 25th of November. This event was attended by 25 developers and an incredible 15 pull requests were created. The whole event was well received and was a wonderful celebration for Atwix




As always, if you are interested in finding out more about contributing to Magento we recommend getting involved in the community engineering Slack channel (email requests to join to We also have a wide selection of projects currently running. If you are interested in participating in one of these projects, take a look at the project overview page to and let us know.