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Community Insider Contribution Program

Adobe Team




Magento Community Insider Program (CIP) provides individual developers and small agencies with direct access to tools and resources to expand their knowledge and skill set, and to help grow their businesses. It will also accelerate developer efforts to help merchants launch and build dynamic online stores using Magento Commerce technologies.  


We created the Magento Community Insider Program (CIP) to broaden the Magento ecosystem to a larger group of developers and agencies to help them formalize their relationship with Magento, expand their skillset, and continue to build their Magento business practices. With over 300,000+ developers in our ecosystem, the Magento Community Insider Program is a great way for small agencies and individual developers to stand out. Being a member also helps connect merchants who would like to work with an individual developer or smaller agency but are sometimes unsure if they’re working with a legitimate Magento developer. 


We believe that Community Insiders engineering teams have high expertise with the Magento codebase and engineering principles behind it. This knowledge and expertise are beneficial and valuable when contributing to the codedetermining the future of the project, and reviewing incoming Pull Requests. 


If you already enrolled in the Magento Community Insider Program (CIP) and would like to highlight the contributions of your agency (code contributions or maintainers contribution), please contact us at and we will help. You will have your own team in the Magento organization and all your contributions will be highlighted to announce your agency/company contributed this codeAlso, all your achievements will be highlighted at so that you can share your contribution results with your partners, clients, and friends.  


We, as Magento, are constantly monitoring all community contributions to all Magento community projects. We seek to recognize all community contributors for their work. If you have already implemented any bugfix, improvement or feature, feel free to share it with everyone so that the entire Magento community can benefit from your contributions. And your name and contributions as an individual and agency can be added to Magento history.