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Community Prioritization Process Update – August 2023

Adobe Team

We picked the following 15 pull requests in August under the community prioritization process  based on the votes from the community. Thank you to all the community members who voted! 


 Community Picked-Aug 16.png


Community Prioritization Process is an initiative to empower the community to influence the Magento Open Source roadmap and codebase by upvoting the pull requests that brings most value to them. Adobe then picks the most up voted Pull Requests and adds them to the community dashboard to work on, with a purple label - “Project:Community Picked". We open the voting window every month, sometimes twice a month.  


Here is the combined status of the PRs (Pull requests) worked on so far. For real time status, please visit the community dashboard.  


 Screen Shot 2023-08-30 at 12.12.50 PM.png

Total - 106 


Thank you to everyone who contributed to voting, coding, reviewing, testing, and merging of these enhancements and improvements. 

We share a monthly update on the progress of PRs picked under this process. If you missed our earlier updates, please visit the  DevBlog. You could also follow #commercecommunitymonthly on LinkedIn to view the monthly community newsletter that has a dedicated section to share updates on this process. 


How to get involved in the process: 

  • You can vote anytime on your favorite PRs in the repository by adding 👍reaction. Make sure you are logged in to your GitHub account. Link for the repository -  
  • If you are a codebase maintainer, please check the community dashboard for PRs that are available for review. 
  • Feel free to reach out to me if you are interested in becoming a contributor or a maintainer for Magento Open Source. I will be happy to point you to the right resources. 


Thank you for your engagement and contribution to the Magento Open Source community! 


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